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Please note all pricing and enrollments are correct at time of release. These may be subject to change at any time. Contact ShowPony Pole & burlesque if you have any questions regarding prices. Terms & Conditions can be viewed on our website and Facebook. Classes purchased in a term must be used during that term or are forfeited. We cannot refund due to change of mind or circumstance. Courses CAN NOT be paid on a class by class basis. Payments MUST be upfront and in FULL. Casual classes can be purchased individually. NO REFUNDS.


Payment Plans -  When the timetable comes out, you will email us with the classes you want and we will book you in manually, we will require a 50% deposit and screenshot of payment before we do so. I will give you the 50% price of the amount of classes you wish to do, and, I will add a corresponding upfront membership to your account at zero dollars so you can still book your make up classes. 


 After the first payment is made, we will require 25% of the remaining fees on the first day of term. I will email everyone as a reminder on this day and will require a second screenshot.


We will then ask for the remaining 25% in week 3 of term. I will email everyone as a reminder on this day and will require a third screenshot. Then you will be fully paid! 


**NOTE - For students wanting to do a 5 COURSE Payment Plan only, we will change the percentage and it's a bigger outlay.

Required at booking -  30% 

Week 1 - 20% 

Week 3 - 20% 

Week 5 - 20% 


We will also require you to state in the initial email that you agree to this payment plan and ALL payments required for the amount of classes you have booked. And that you understand this payment plan can not be cancelled at any time. 


Make up classes for enrolled term -You will be able to make up any classes you have missed if you follow showPony Pole & Burlesque make up class policy. You MUST click “not attending” at least 6 hours before your class to be able to claim the make up class. Any classes forfeited within 6 hours will be lost. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. This is an automated process to be self managed by the Momence App. ShowPony Pole & Burlesque will NOT book make up classes manually. 

Mini Terms Classes are not transferable to other terms. Classes are non refundable. Make ups for mini terms can only be booked in other mini term classes. Mini terms have a different curriculum than our 8 week term.

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